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Roasting Machine

Roasted nuts are crunchier and tastier than the unroasted ones. They can be eaten raw, used as toppings in desserts and ice-creams or in exotic dishes. Roasting enhances their flavour. Seeds can be similarly roasted and used directly for long term storage and use. Proper roasting preserves the aroma and flavour of both the nuts and the seeds while preserving the essential oils that are healthy.

As we further our goal towards Mission Healthy India, we present Nut and Seed roasting machines ideal for roasting almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, ground nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pine nuts and all kids of seeds.

The machine is energy efficient, economical in operation, with all adjustable parameters so that any type of Seeds / Grains can be roasted uniformly at a faster rate and quality. Machines have been constructed out of all standard grades of Stainless Steel material and made almost maintenance free.

Our Products

Pizza on Wheels

Taking the taste of our favourite Pizza to the next level by introducing the Wood Fired Pizza Oven on wheels

Bio Mass Multi Fuel Products

Established Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Multi Fuel Biomass Stoves.

Raw Material

Wood Briquette Fuel is made out of wooden waste and peanut skin crushed


A tandoor may be used to bake many different types of flatbread. Some of the most common are Roti, Naan, Laccha Paratha.

We also take up the manufacture fully automatic Roasting machines fire by Electricity / Gas / Diesel on specific requirement of customers.
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